Getting Targeted Website Traffic To Your Site


Targeted Website Traffic

Targeted Website Traffic

As a website owner or website administrator, one of the hardest things to achieve is getting relevant and many website visitors.  Getting traffic to your website is more of form of art than it is a formula.  You can rent email lists that are specifically targeted to your niche, however, with the over abundance of spam emails sent everyday, it’s unlikely that you’re message will even get read.

What do you do?  Well, there is always Google adwords.  This is highly targeted and specific to people searching on Google.  Let’s say you had a website about “red toy airplanes” for example.  You can sign up for a Google adwords account.  Create your little eye catching ad, and then choose what search terms your ad will appear.

Logically, you would want your ad to appear for the term “red toy airplane” so you would choose this as your targeted keywords.  Next comes the bidding process.  How bad you want your ad to appear first will determine how much you pay for every click your ad receives.  Let’s say it’s one dollar a click, and you received ten clicks from that ad to your website that day.  At a cost of ten dollars.

Another alternative is to promote your site in other ways to rank naturally for your specific set of keyword phrases.  This is where the jungle will eat you alive if you don’t know what you are doing.  Millions of people will sell you their secrets to ranking high within the search engines.  So many in fact, that you will go into information overload, and debt.

Stick with this site, on it you’ll find tips, tricks, and valuable methods for getting your site to the top of the search engines naturally, which will get you the same targeted website traffic as adwords, but without the cost.


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