Domain ExtensionsWith .com being the universal worldwide internet extension, there’s little doubt that anything ending in .com is much more valuable than any of the other available extensions.  But is it necessary to have a .com extension to rank highly in the search engines?

Not anymore it doesn’t, I’ve seen some very high ranking sites using the .net extension, in fact, I own one myself that ranks highly.  By having a look at the search results for many popular terms or kewyord phrases, you’ll likely see the top ten listings mostly use the .com extension.  There is a reason for this.  Back in the mid to late ’90s when the Internet was just starting to take off, the only extension avaiable at that time was .com and since Google does weigh the age and maturity of a domain when deciding search engine listings, you’re more likely to see some aged websites which all naturally use this extension. Check out this web designer who provides fully optimized professionally designed websites.

As far as SEO is considered, having a .info extension isn’t going to keep you off the front page of Google, what matters most is the link popularity you pointing towards your domain and your site. Visit to get better branding, and more exposure, credibility, & roofing leads. So if that great domain name is taken with the .com extension, and most are, don’t hesitate to keep the same domain with a different extension.  It’s not the extension that determines whether the site will rank high, but rather the content of the site and the links coming back. Visit Local Viking for more tips on the issue in question.

So don’t be afraid to register a certain extension because of it’s potential ranking set-backs because there are none.  Go ahead and register and get that site built.  Feel free to browse through this site for everything you need to know to monetize and get traffic to your website.