Analyzing Your Website’s Traffic Statistics


StatCounter Website TrafficIn order to track whether or not your website is attracting more visitors you need to use some sort of visitor tracking, something that will keep track of the number of visitors and where they are coming from.  Enter StatCounter.  I use this utility on every single website I have.  What’s good for me is that I have one statcounter account, and when I log into this page, it gives me an instant summary of all my in real time.  The best thing about statcounter is it’s free and you can choose to run it anonymously. or in other words “in the background”, nothing visible on your site.  Very few free apps let you run something on your site without being visible.

There are other utilities that do a very good job and are also free, such as Google Analytics.  This is also a piece of code installed onto your website that runs anonymously in the background and provides a wealth of information about your visitors, such as what keywords they typed into what search engine to find you, what percentage of visitors come from different search engines.  This kind of information is invaluable when you are marketing or targeting your website to specific keywords.  It allows you to track what’s working and what’s not.

Go ahead and install both stacounter and Google analytics onto your site, especially if your site is brand new.  This will give you a good starting point in order to benchmark your progress.  I have both installed on all of my sites, however, I mostly look at statcounter because it provides a quick real time summary.  With Google, the stats are updated after approximately 24 hours.

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