Traffic Tips

Website Traffic: The Key to Online Success

Building up website traffic takes time and patience, but it is critical to get targeted traffic if you want to make money from your website.  One of the best ways to increase your number of relevant visitors is by building natural links.  This is one of the many search engine optimization (SEO) techniques you will learn about and one that can really help you rank well in the search engines, when... [Read more]

Getting Targeted Website Traffic To Your Site

Targeted Website Traffic As a website owner or website administrator, one of the hardest things to achieve is getting relevant and many website visitors.  Getting traffic to your website is more of form of art than it is a formula.  You can rent email lists that are specifically targeted to your niche, however, with the over abundance of spam emails sent everyday, it’s unlikely that you’re... [Read more]

Analyzing Your Website’s Traffic Statistics

In order to track whether or not your website is attracting more visitors you need to use some sort of visitor tracking, something that will keep track of the number of visitors and where they are coming from.  Enter StatCounter.  I use this utility on every single website I have.  What’s good for me is that I have one statcounter account, and when I log into this page, it gives me an instant... [Read more]

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